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Area Rug Bargain to Floor You

Jaipur Area Rug

Flooring plays an important role in a good design plan. It covers the largest surface area in a home, so you need it to be both beautiful and functional. Many homeowners today are choosing to have a wood floor, and then use an area rug to designate the seating area and offer comfort, warmth, and color. There is a wide range of prices for area rugs, and a wide range of quality. Quality area rugs are investment pieces, particularly those that are hand-tied and made of  New Zealand wool and/or silk. Both rugs pictured here are hand-tied, and both rugs are made of New Zealand wool. Both area rugs have similar colors and patterns, but the rug to the left is $4200, and the rug below is $1800.  You won’t have to sacrifice style or quality if you buy the less expensive rug, but you can sacrifice your old furniture, because now you can afford to buy new furniture!

area rug

Nourison Area Rug


Crystal Vase Smackdown

Baccarat Crystal Vase

Placing furniture around the room is the easiest part of decorating. What really makes the room “sing” is including the perfect accessories scattered evenly throughout the space. If you are going for an elegant look, a crystal vase brimming with seasonal flowers is a great way to go.  This Baccarat vase from Saks Fifth Avenue costs $375. That’s a pretty high price for the average homeowner. The only way an untrained eye is going to know how much you spent is if you leave the price tag on the bottom and they are snoops!

Another option would be this vase by Nachtmann, which only costs $17.99 on It is still crystal, it still has the same shape, it is still heavy, it will still look beautiful brimming with flowers. However,  you will still be able to eat the rest of the month if you buy it!

Nachtmann Crystal Vase

Light Fixture Brings Drama to Your Home

Schonbek Crystal Chandelier

Light fixtures serve many purposes. Of course they are meant to illuminate an area, but they can also be used to add interest or drama to a room. This chandelier scores highly on all those tasks. It is covered in shimmering crystal, adding a beautiful glow to any room. You better be truly in love with it before you buy, because at the price of over $7900, this one deserves a life-long commitment.

Possini Crystal Chandelier

If you are guilty of “Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget” a worthy alternative would be the Euro Sphere Crystal Pendant by Possini Lighting. Measuring a decent 15 3/4″ wide and made of chrome and crystals, it gives you a whole lot of bang for only 300 bucks.  If my calculations are correct, that means for the price of one Schonbek, you could buy 26 Possinis and make a chandelier constellation all over your ceiling!

A New Option for Wall Art

Metal Wall Sculpture

Wall decorations should not be limited to framed art or canvas artwork. A unique and distinctive look can be achieved by including metal wall art in your design plan. This metal wall sculpture features branches, leaves, and birds, a very trendy design theme this year.  This example of metal wall art was crafted individually by an artist, and can be purchased for $449.

Metal Wall Sculpture with Capiz Shell Leaves

If you love that look, but that price is beyond your budget, you can get this metal wall art from Touch of Class which has leafy branches to give the same sculptural quality as the higher priced piece, but has the added luminosity of leaves created from capiz shells. The best part is you can have this beautiful example fo wall decor for only $70, a mere fraction of the original.

Cherry Sleigh Bed

High End Cherry Sleigh Bed

If it is time to update your master bedroom furniture and you are looking for a traditional look, a cherry sleigh bed is the perfect addition to your bedroom design. This one is manufactured out of the finest cherry hardwoods and retails for $3319.

Affordable Cherry Sleigh BEd

Here is an alternative to the previous high-end sleigh bed. Notice the foot board still has two panels and the shapely look associated with sleigh beds. However, this one, which costs only $414 will give your bedroom traditional elegance, but at a huge savings!

Zebra Armchair

zebra armchair; accent chair

Zebra Armchair

Zebra print chairs are are  a fun and funky way to add style to a room. You can include them in both traditional and modern designs. This one is by Steinworld and will set you back $705.

This chair is a great substitute for the one above, but is available at for less than $170! Not only is it one-quarter the price of the original, the simpler lines make it more versatile.

Affordable Zebra Chair