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Million Dollar Decorator Wall of Mirrors as Art

mirror, mirrors, wall of mirrors, daisy fuentes, martyn lawrence bullard
Wall of Mirrors for Daisy Fuentes

BravoTv‘s Million Dollar Decorator has a fabulous interior designer Martyn  Lawrence Bullard. This week he decorated Daisy Fuentes living room and included an amazing wall of mirrors that was truly a work of art, and had an equally amazing price of $15,000!

If you are handy with a screwdriver, a can of spray paint, and a caulking gun, you can recreate the wall display for under $150! Before you go shopping, determine the exact size display to fit your space. Daisy Fuentes‘ wall was huge, so you will probably want to reduce the size a bit. Draw a grid the size of your desired piece to determine how many vertical and horizontal pieces you need to span that distance, spacing them 12″ apart. You can alter the spacing if it help make the math easier. Once you have figured out how many pieces you need and their length, it is time to go shopping.

Go to a home improvement store that stocks narrow boards (1 x 2’s or lattice strips would work well) and ask an employee to cut them to your predetermined lengths. Also purchase some wood screws to screw the wood strips together, the spray paint color of your choice, mirror tiles, a glass cutter, and a tube of mirror adhesive.

When you get home, lay out the wood pieces in the desired grid size and screw them together where they intersect. Now you can spray paint the grid. Allow the spray paint to dry 24hrs before proceeding. Use the glass cutters to vary the sizes of the mirror tiles. When you have a pleasing arrangement, use the mirror adhesive to attach a mirror at every intersection, covering the screw. Allow adhesive to dry and it is ready to hang! If you are intimidated about cutting the mirror pieces, you can go to a glass shop and order mirrors cut to any size you want.

If this process still seems above your skill set but you still want an interesting mirror look, purchase a mirror made of lots of smaller mirrors. This will give movement and interest, but be much easier to accomplish. Here are two ideas to get you started. The one on the left is $400 and the one on the right is $271.

mirror, million dollar decorator, martyn lawrence bullard
Sunburst Mirror
mirror, million dollar decorator, bravotv
Scroll Mirror

If you have any high priced items that you would like but can’t afford, we will try and help locate an affordable option. Simply leave a comment below or email us at You can find similar posts on our other blogs, “High End Looks for Less” and “Ask the Design Diva.”

Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow her on Twitter @thedesigndiva.


Hurricane Candle Sconce Creates Ambiance

lighting, sconce, candle holder, candle sconce, hurricane lamp

Horchow's Hurricane Sconce

A good lighting plan includes ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Since everyone knows we all look better in candle light, why not include some for your lighting and decor needs? Today’s Save or Splurge features a beautiful candle sconce from Horchow.  These would look beautiful in a living room, dining room, or even the foyer. I tend to use them in pairs on either side of a mirror or piece of art. It gives the entire wall decor more presence. Since the Horchow sconce retails for $395, buying two of them might be difficult. Of course, The Design Diva has found a more affordable option so you can cover your entire wall with sconces for what you’d pay for one of the other ones. This option can be purchased from Kirkland’s for a paltry $29.99. Now that is what I call Sensibly Chic!

lighting, candle sconce, sconce, hurricane lamp

Kirkland's Hurricane Sconce


Is there a high priced item you are coveting, but can’t afford? Let The Design Diva know in the comments or email her at and she will try to find a comparable item at a lower price.


Barbara Green is The Design Diva and owner of Sensibly Chic Interior Design. Follow her on Twitter @thedesigndiva.

Game Table for Kids Games or Poker Stars

game table, poker table

High End Poker Table


Friday night may be a family game night for you or a poker night for the guys. If you have the room, why not include a game table in your interior design plan for you and your family’s pleasure? No matter what your budget, I have the option for you.

The set featured on the left is made from solid oak construction, black leather upholstery on rolling high back chairs, a reversible top that has felt on one side for a game of Texas poker and a solid wood surface perfect for a family game of Scrabble or Monopoly. It also has a hefty price tag of $4230.

For the family looking for something more affordable, below is a hardwood table stained to look like cherry. It still has rolling chairs with leather upholstery, but the backs are a little shorter. It still has a reversible tabletop, but a more affordable price tag of $1182, which is one third the price of the original. That leaves a lot of surplus money for beverages, snacks, and (optionally) betting.

game table, poker table

Affordable Game Table

Outdoor Decorating with a Wicker Sectional

wicker sectional, outdoor furniture

North Cape Wicker Sectional


Outdoor decorating is all about comfort. This summer, instead of lying around on your family room sectional watching television indoors, stretch out and enjoy Mother Nature on an outdoor wicker sectional. This 7 piece sectional by North Cape is weather resistant for use outside. It retails for $45oo and is made with aluminum frames and wicker-look resin. I know that budgets are tight right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy leisure time outdoors. Our great bargain friend Target comes to the rescue with their own version of the outdoor wicker sectional. This one can be made in any configuration, but pricing it with 7 pieces for comparison sake, it costs only $997. I know it doesn’t look exactly the same, but with all the money you saved you can buy a weather resistant TV so you don’t miss any of your favorite shows…LOL

outdoor wicker sectional, outdoor furniture

Target's Rolston Sectional

Leather and Fabric Sofa Savings

Lexington Sofa

Furniture Stores carry a wide range of sofas in both leather and fabric. The sofa to the left is tasteful combination of both leather and fabric made by Lexington, and it retails for $5000. The beauty of this design is that the seat cushions are  fabric, making them soft and comfortable without the  sliding around associated with leather seats. The frame of the sofa is wrapped in leather, which will be durable and stand the test of time. An additional  benefit is when you get tired of the fabric pattern on the cushions or pillows it is a lot more affordable to change it than having to reupholster the entire piece.  If you love the look of that sofa but can’t afford that amount, the sofa below has similar lines, with the frame covered in brown leather and cushions covered with fabric, but it retails for only $800.  The leather is distressed, which makes it a great choice for homes with children or pets.

leather and fabric sofa

Leather and Fabric "Collage" Sofa