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Leather and Fabric Sofa Savings

Lexington Sofa

Furniture Stores carry a wide range of sofas in both leather and fabric. The sofa to the left is tasteful combination of both leather and fabric made by Lexington, and it retails for $5000. The beauty of this design is that the seat cushions are  fabric, making them soft and comfortable without the  sliding around associated with leather seats. The frame of the sofa is wrapped in leather, which will be durable and stand the test of time. An additional  benefit is when you get tired of the fabric pattern on the cushions or pillows it is a lot more affordable to change it than having to reupholster the entire piece.  If you love the look of that sofa but can’t afford that amount, the sofa below has similar lines, with the frame covered in brown leather and cushions covered with fabric, but it retails for only $800.  The leather is distressed, which makes it a great choice for homes with children or pets.

leather and fabric sofa

Leather and Fabric "Collage" Sofa


Light Fixture Brings Drama to Your Home

Schonbek Crystal Chandelier

Light fixtures serve many purposes. Of course they are meant to illuminate an area, but they can also be used to add interest or drama to a room. This chandelier scores highly on all those tasks. It is covered in shimmering crystal, adding a beautiful glow to any room. You better be truly in love with it before you buy, because at the price of over $7900, this one deserves a life-long commitment.

Possini Crystal Chandelier

If you are guilty of “Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget” a worthy alternative would be the Euro Sphere Crystal Pendant by Possini Lighting. Measuring a decent 15 3/4″ wide and made of chrome and crystals, it gives you a whole lot of bang for only 300 bucks.  If my calculations are correct, that means for the price of one Schonbek, you could buy 26 Possinis and make a chandelier constellation all over your ceiling!

Cherry Sleigh Bed

High End Cherry Sleigh Bed

If it is time to update your master bedroom furniture and you are looking for a traditional look, a cherry sleigh bed is the perfect addition to your bedroom design. This one is manufactured out of the finest cherry hardwoods and retails for $3319.

Affordable Cherry Sleigh BEd

Here is an alternative to the previous high-end sleigh bed. Notice the foot board still has two panels and the shapely look associated with sleigh beds. However, this one, which costs only $414 will give your bedroom traditional elegance, but at a huge savings!

Zebra Armchair

zebra armchair; accent chair

Zebra Armchair

Zebra print chairs are are  a fun and funky way to add style to a room. You can include them in both traditional and modern designs. This one is by Steinworld and will set you back $705.

This chair is a great substitute for the one above, but is available at for less than $170! Not only is it one-quarter the price of the original, the simpler lines make it more versatile.

Affordable Zebra Chair